VIP has developed training programs to foster high engagement and career development, giving all employees an opportunity to succeed and grow.  The company strives to help Loan Officers succeed while maintaining a balanced, high quality of life.


  • Driven Lender is a coaching program (that loan officers can choose to be enrolled with) developed to help mortgage professionals change their life. Dubbed The Hero’s Journey, the program identifies tools and ideas to help employees grow both professionally and personally, digging deep into areas such as: accountability, motivation, strengths, passions, and balance. Based on Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, an archetypal story pattern common in both ancient myths as well as modern day adventures, VIP uses this analogy to introduce a framework and puts an individual in charge of their own journey.
  • VIP at Work is designed to build relationships with local corporations to offer loan officers direct access to these relationships and corporations’ employees.
  • Loan Officer Advisory Board was chartered to provide top leadership with the perspective, ideas, and opinions of the “working loan officer” from across the company. Comprised of senior loan officers from all geographic regions of VIP, LOAB is a progressive approach to examining different leadership topics.
  • Loan Officer University is VIP’s in-house ‘university’ allowing people new to the industry to receive a salary while working closely with the various operations departments to grow and learn.