Review the NMLS

Pull the NMLS on the potential new hire. Review the NMLS for:

  • Job history
  • Types of companies included in their job history
    • Job history will tell you if they are “job jumpers” and perhaps just looking for a guarantee
  • Ask yourself if the potential LO is a good fit based on prior companies they have worked for


  • Send the NMLS information to Mark Shaw
    • Mark will pull numbers for the previous six and twelve-month periods
  • Look at the types of loans they are closing; bond business vs. regular mainstream.
  • Lending – look at the percentage of refi business vs. purchase business
  • VIP is interested in LOs that can close a minimum of three loans pre month and are ready to take their business to the next level
  • Identify source vs. self-source business


Discuss personal and professional philosophies with the potential LO hire

  • Are their values in-line with VIPs core values (i.e. HEART)?
  • Their belief system must incorporate an entrepreneurial philosophy as well as being a self-starter
  • We are interested in LOs that are committed to the efficiencies that technology brings
  • They must demonstrate they are looking for a competitive sales environment
  • They must believe in the relationship selling process
  • LOs need to understand the importance of day one quality and a sense of urgency
  • They must show the ability to look up guidelines or contact deal structure