why v.i.p?

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. A streamlined, easy to understand process
  2. Friendly and knowledgeable industry professionals
  3. Resources and transparency to ease your decisions

Unlike traditional organizational hierarchy where authority and decision-making power are at the top of the pyramid with orders carried out by the subordinates below, VIP’s Lead Up approach places customers at the top of an inverted pyramid and focuses on ‘leading up’ through the organization to empower employees to engage, problem solve, and lead. 

Building Relationships

We realize in mortgages the most important element in customer service is whether the borrower would work with us again and recommend us to others. VIP, therefore, makes this our No. 1 focus in business, building relationships for life!.

Our Loan Originators can speak about their experience firsthand and on the behalf of their borrowers.


VIP wants to make sure that new loan officers don’t miss a beat when they come onboard. Therefore, you can expect a comprehensive, detailed, and effective onboarding process from day one. From computer and phone set-up to database transfer, our team of mortgage support professionals ensures that you have everything you need to get going!


With the importance of technology directly tied to the success of a business, VIP has invested and continues to invest in their technology platforms. The technology that is provided helps loan officers to grow their business, stay in front of past, present, and future clients, supports and fosters relationships, and makes the loan process smooth and painless for both borrowers and employees.

Close on Time

Closing on time isn’t just something that VIP says, it’s something that VIP does. With the correct processes and systems in place to close loans quickly, loan officers are able to close more loans with less work.

Products & Programs

VIP offers a wide-ranging library of products and programs to fit the needs of almost all borrowers. FHA, Conventional, VA, Construction, Down Payment Assistance, and more give you the opportunity to match your clients with the best possible option for each of their unique financial situations.


VIP Mortgage has a firm belief in the value of marketing and what it can do for the company, loan teams, and individual loan officers. As a company, VIP wants to “win” with their loan officers and give them the tools they need to thrive. Marketing is a vital piece of collecting those wins and an important component to the overall success of a loan officer. From a state-of-the-art CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) to custom graphic design, there isn’t one aspect of marketing VIP hasn’t thought of.

Training & Development

Looking for a career and not just a job? VIP provides both the training and career development you need to build your business and be successful!